About Us

A.E. Schwartz & Associates is a Boston-based management training and professional development organization with offices also in NYC.

Our company remains at the forefront of the training arena by providing over 40 highly effective training programs for all management levels. Programs are designed to be participatory, how-to based, and flexible in terms of number and time span.

They cover a wide range of topics critical to a manager’s success and employee productivity. Each program is practical, goal-oriented, and applicable to everyday situations.

We can assist you in determining your organizational development needs and provide you with various options to consider. Learn more about us Brochure (PDF).

Our Subsidiaries

There are various sites owned and operated by A.E. Schwartz & Associates. Such as School for Managers, ReadySetPresent, DesignMyPPT and AED-IS.com


A.E. Schwartz & Associates remains at the forefront of the training industry by providing some of the highest quality and innovative products and services available. 


Andrew E. Schwartz is founder and CEO of A.E. Schwartz & Associates. He conducts over 150 programs annually and consults nationally for clients in government, industry, Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit companies.