General Information

A.E. Schwartz & Associates is small start-up a Boston-based comprehensive management training and consulting company. Established in 1982, our internship program has supported the ever evolving growth of our organization.

A.E. Schwartz & Associates remains at the forefront of the training industry by providing some of the highest quality and innovative products and services available.

Our Philosophy Towards Interns

Our mentoring interaction with each intern develops a mutually beneficial relationship. Each intern is given hands-on responsibilities, and our organization continues to grow due to the skills, participation, and involvement of each intern. In many instances, professional relationships with former students/interns continue long after the formal internship's conclusion. Since we are a small and growing organization, we can ensure that our interns do not spend the majority of their time on mind-numbing office work. Interns are given significant projects which match their unique abilities.

Sample Intern’s Journal


Enormous Financial Potential, Unique Opportunity, Creative Input, Decision Making and Equity with a Future.

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