Andrew E. Schwartz has been designing, developing and delivering management and leadership programs since 1982. He is founder and CEO of A.E. Schwartz & Associates; a comprehensive management training and leadership development organization offering over 40 skill-based programs and assorted consulting services.

No stranger to the media, Andrew has authored dozens of books, products, and articles, has appeared on numerous radio shows, and is frequently quoted in magazines and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Boston Business Journal.

As a trainer and facilitator, Andrew conducts an average of 150 programs annually. He is hired to lead conferences and company meetings for a wide variety of industries worldwide, such as research, technology, government, Fortune 100/500 companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Accolades aside, Andrew delivers a succinct, fast-paced, practical production that yields an enjoyable and interactive experience. With tens of thousands of participant testimonials endorsing his presentations, he has made a significant and long-lasting impact on virtually every participant. Andrew maintains a focused and informative presentation while remaining approachable, engaging, involved and humorous.

Andrew’s credibility as a trainer and facilitator stems from an impressively broad range of real-life experience, which translates into, and enhances every program he conducts. In other words, he can not only teach, but “implement” as well. For example, Andrew held the position of senior trainer at The Management Training Program at age 24, and at 26 became the Manager of Training at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. Andrew himself embodies the role of a top-notch manager and helps his participants to adopt the strategies and mentality which have rendered his own personal successes.

He has held various Director of Training Positions: The Smaller Business Association of New England, The Employer’s Association, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Information Services), and The Management Training Program.

He has been an adjunct faculty/professor teaching business, management communication, and training at: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Emerson College, Boston College, Bryant College, Boston University, Brandeis University (Heller School of Business) and Bentley College (Meeting Management Program).

Statistics and personal evaluations are both testaments to the significant impacts of Andrew’s programs on people, productivity, and profits. Post-course participant evaluations reveal a 92-100% level of overall satisfaction, and Andrew is consistently rated in the top 5% of speakers and presenters. Many companies enlist his services again and again, considering Andrew’s courses to be a cornerstone of their company.