Telemarketing That's My Job Calling

Telemarketing is cost-e ective, stimulates repeat business, expands new sales, helps customers, reduces sales costs, increases pro ts, and best of all--yields immediate and veri able results. A well-designed telephone marketing system will likely prove to be one of your most pro table marketing tools. The telephone is one of today's most underutilized and underdeveloped marketing tools, yet telephone training rarely surfaces as a needs assessment.

This training will teach managers and support sta the e ective telephone techniques necessary to accomplish their goals. The importance and di culty of transferring information by phone will be highlighted. The skills needed to communicate e ectively and accurately by phone will be explained. Basic etiquette for dealing with customers will be outlined. Teaching individuals the importance of correct telephone techniques increases their awareness of their job goals and how they relate to the company objectives. Telephone time will increase both the customer service orientation and pro ts in any o ce.


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"This was a great review and eye opener for me as I have been doing telemarketing for my whole life (25 years)."

"I can apply the information to my daily work starting tomorrow. I am also excited to meet with my outbound sales team next week to discuss integrating many of your suggestions, techniques and tips into our approach."

"I thought this was going to be one of those boring or impractical hyped up session. This was NOT anything like what I feared. This was the exact opposite – Thank you so much and we look forward to our 6 month follow-up!"