Aeschwartz | Negotiation

Negotiation To A Win-Win Collaboration

Good negotiation skills are closely related to any business' "bottom line". Effective negotiation determines whether or not important transactions are closed, what the terms of any agreement will be, what you pay for goods and services, the relationship between labor and management, and the nature of any contractual partnership.

This negotiation training will teach you how to turn each professional exchange into an advantage for your organization. You will learn the preparatory steps necessary to negotiating success. We will provide you with a diagnostic model for use in evaluating your negotiating strengths and weaknesses.

The materials learned will enable you to set reasonable objectives and to avoid the fruitless discussion of non-germane topics. Effective communication and presentation techniques will be outlined to help ensure negotiations are productive and non-combative in nature.

After this program you will be able to apply our guidelines in any labor, client, or service negotiating situation. You will have the tools necessary to forge strong, long-lasting, and beneficial agreements for your organization.


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"Learned a ton, very practical, was able to ask specific questions."

"Worthwhile; most satisfied, well worth the cost."

"Framework for negotiation, questions to ask, and guidelines."

"Very excellent idea to think and write out a personal negotiation strategy."