Managing Marginal Performers

In any work place, identifying and eliminating the marginal performer is essential for an e ective and productive organizational team. Marginal performers not only negatively impact their own productivity, but often undermine the structure and morale of an entire work area.

Organizations sometimes unwittingly encourage sub-performance in their employees. This training will provide you with the diagnostic tools to help you identify and correct this negative modeling if it exists. The psychological meaning of work--how, why, and where sub-performance begins-- will be explained.

You will learn how to spot marginal performers and options available for dealing with this behavior. We will provide you with a coaching checklist to use for supervising the sub-performer. You will begin to understand the dynamics of sub-performance and its impact on the entire organization. After this program, you will have the tools to retrain salvageable individuals and transform them into productive contributors.


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"You took a sometimes vague topic and did an excellent job!"

"Excellent style, energetic and informative; Power of positive feedback."

"Providing the format and "reason" for us to say things to each other that may or may not have been said ordinarily."

"Pointing out common characteristics about group members and membership."