Interviewing Techniques To Get The Real Deal

Effective interviewing is a key tool for information gathering. Management professionals can use interviewing techniques to quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively make better decisions about people. In addition to its essential role as a management information device, interviewing also has several important, special applications in hiring, performance appraisal, and disciplinary situations.

Through training in preparatory and evaluation strategies you will learn the six most important management applications of interviewing. We will teach you specific interviewing skills that will enable you to prepare for the interview, read nonverbal cues, control the interview's pace and content, and monitor your own interviewing effectiveness. Extensive role playing, video-tape simulation, and discussion will demonstrate styles of approach, questioning, and communication that participants can critique.

After this program, you will be familiar with both the psychological and practical aspects of interviewing, enabling you to assess every interview's importance with assurance.


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"A lot to cover but facilitated along very well through the day -- we got a lot done; I feel that I can learn."

"Best program I have ever attended! The tailored compilation of distilled company values, objectives and preliminary questions to meet most objectives was powerful -- great job!"

"In 20 years of being a Human Resource Director -- this was 110%+."

"Getting us as a group to discuss what needs to get done and then forcing us to do it and apply."