Customer Service: How May I Help You?

To the caller, you are the organization. The telephone is your front-line contact with the world -- e ciency, courtesy, and high standards of service are your top priorities. In this intensive training session, learn the principles of making each incoming caller a loyal customer.

Participants will learn how to analyze customer's problems, needs, and objections; strengthen the trust of that customer in you and solidify your organization's relationship with that customer. This program will present proven customer relations skills and outline the preferred "right ways" and "right now's" of telephone courtesy. You will be better prepared with a wide range of communication and problem solving skills that will keep your customers satis ed and keep them coming back for more.

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to e ectively deal with complaints and handle angry customers in a positive manner. In addition, you will be more able to deliver your service with fewer problems and greater con dence.


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"The training not only gave you ideas on how to do better but gave you the opportunity to understand how and why you and the customer react to each other."

"Quality techniques and dealing with customer-employees by phone and in person."

"How to use my time on the phone by being more positive asking the right questions and knowing how to service the customer better."

"How to deal with irate customers and how to change the tone of a potentially disastrous call; all the information was helpful and it was a reminder of how important every phone call and introduction is."