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Constructive Criticism Professional Feedback

Professional growth is dependent on one's ability to give and receive feedback. Managers, responsible for evaluating employee performance, must learn the skills necessary to (1) provide reinforcement for positive behaviors and (2) constructive criticism for areas needing improvement. This training program is designed for those who understand the important link between communication and job e ectiveness. Indeed, participants will gain knowledge and hone skills that cut at the very core of management.

After participating in this training, you will understand the essential nature of giving and receiving criticism to organizational productivity. By utilizing the techniques taught, you will be able to delegate, manage, coach, mentor better than you thought possible. By improving the performance of employees, ultimately, your performance level will soar.


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"After 20 years of management experience, I only now understand the steps to take to offer feedback/criticism in a professional manner that will be far more effective."

"The negative/constructive feedback steps were amazing how well they worked."

"New doors of improvement were opened that I did not know previously existed."

"Andrew's techniques are very much on target and I found that there are still many ways to improve on my management skills."